Welcome to the home of the brands Kalodei Berlin® Olomenka® and Efulefu®


Unique . Intersectional . Berlin

With the brands closely related to each other in concept and idea, each unique piece is handmade with care and devotion in Berlin.

Due to a philosophy which is assertive of quality and fairness, we source our materials globally and bring them Germany as individual passenger luggages. 60% of the labels are produced by Dortex Labels here in Germany at high costs while 40% are sourced out to different parts of the globe to suppliers with proven ethical production approach devoid of child labour.

This is the length at which we go, to uphold the passion for and personal fairness and a relationship to each of the pieces.

So do please go ahead and own these with a clear conscience.

As you are reading this, we are bout finishing the development of the core products. A long journey it has been but with results that are worth the over one year of work in the background.